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Tricycle Advertising Tricycle advertising is very unique and clutter breaking. These tricycles don't carry passengers. These tricycles are purely designed & fabricated for advertising / branding purpose and can ride around in areas the client wants them to cover. Moving vehicles are beyond conventional advertising media in the outdoor advertising market: they are more mobile than the poster, much nicer and likeable, and they draw more attention than a bus. Plus: your target group gets into contact with the carrier much closer and much more emotionally. Our Vehicles are available for your promotions 365 days a year and 8hours a day. You may book by the day, around sports events, cultural events, store openings, open-air festivals, etc. For more details & rates Contact us now .
Tricycle Advertising is designed in such a manner that they offer the ease to the users. For Tricycle branding, we have made the use of optimum quality materials. Tricycle Advertising is economically viable. Tricycle branding have almost endless potential for advertising, carrying, and delivering business potential to anywhere they can roll. Tricycle advertising is usually displayed ads in digital formats.

Advantages of Tricycle Advertising

Tricycle advertising creates unique brand presence in target neighborhoods, in an eco-friendly manner. Bicycle Billboard delivers brand messaging in attractive manner.

  • Tricycle advertising is very economical for Startups and Small Business.
  • Tricycle advertising is easy way to hit local market.
  • Tricycle advertising is better option where other means are impossible to go.
  • Tricycle branding gives excellent reach through high-traffic
  • Tricycle advertising is most Eco Friendly mode of advertising
  • Horde media offer Tricycle Advertising at lowest price as compare to its competitors

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