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Pamphlet Distribution

About Leaflet Advertising

No matter your business is big or small or have just a Startup , if no one knows about you or your Product exist, you all never get very far. Printed leaflets and flyers are an inexpensive way of advertising to new customers and communicating with your existing database - this is a tried and true method that as cost-effective and promotes an exponential ROI (return on investment).

One of the quickest ways to make your phone ring, increase website traffic or drive additional foot traffic into your brick and mortar is to advertise using Hand to Hand Distribition or Newspaper Inserts, also referred to as: Pamphlet distribution, Leaflet distribution, Flyer inserts/distribution. Your Flyer Advertisement can be circulated to the desired targeted areas of your choice.
Advertisers can place ads in top newspapers such as Times of India, Danik Bhasker , Hindustan, Danik Jagran, Hindustan Times, Economic Times etc at fraction of the cost. Advertising through these top newspapers increases brand as perception in readers mind.

Advantages of Pamphlet Insertion

  • Newspaper inserts advertising is hyper-local and helps reach out to your local target market
  • Higher chances of getting noticed
  • Lower absolute costs are another advantage of newspaper inserts advertising because you don't need to advertise in a larger area even though your TG is in a locality
  • Newspaper inserts advertising helps you experiment in a smaller & local area before doing a mega launch
  • You can cover a locality with inserts in multiple newspapers, resulting in huge cost savings compared to advertising in all these newspapers
  • Customization of the call to action in different areas and see which offer works better
  • With the emergence of QR Codes, robust web portals and personalized URLs, creating a link between print and digital has never been easier. Newspaper inserts have the ability to leverage these links and offer consumers an engaging and interactive online experience.

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