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Promote Your Ads in Multiplex Cinemas

Cinema Advertising is one of the most interesting new age advertising option. Cinema advertising rates are one of the lowest among non mass media. While Cinema Advertising has been in place for almost 30 years in history of cinema advertising in India, it is the recent last few years when Cinema Advertising in India has become popular among the advertisers. Theatre advertising is popular not only among large advertisers but small budget advertisers as well. Through advertising in cinema brands can reach out to media dark places where other media vehicles do not reach. An Advertising rate depends on the location of the theatre, seating capacity of the cinema and the brand. Single Screen Theatre advertising rate is typically cheaper than Multiplex Cinema advertising rate. Cinema ads can be placed either on the screen or in cinema complexes. The later form of cinema advertising is also termed as Offline Cinema advertising. The popular Cinema Advertising media options are slide on the screens, videos on the screens and cinema branding in the cinema complex.

Advantages of Advertising in Cinema


  1. Huge cinema screen gives larger than life impact to the message. With the capability of playing video and slides with audio, an advertiser can talk to more senses of a viewer than print or radio. In terms of creative freedom, Cinema advertising is comparable to television.
  2. Cinema reaches out to young, affluent audiences and is cost effective
  3. The audience is captive and cannot change channel or flip the page. Chances of a viewer watching an ad on cinema screen is higher than other medium.
  4. Cinema with its huge localized reach pan India, makes it suitable to reach out to a small geography as well as complete country.
  5. Cost per reach for theatre advertising is less than other non traditional advertising options.


1. On-screen advertising

On-screen advertising comprises of digital commercials and static slides. Commercials are played for a minimum of three times a day per audio with the main movie either during the beginning or interval.


2. Off-screen advertising

  • Branding on box-office panels
  • Tent cards at box-office
  • Digital plasmas posters at the box-office
  • Leaflet distribution
  • Ticket jackets
  • Products from box-office
  • Discount voucher distribution
  • Branding on queue managers
  • Standee displays at box-office
  • Contest form distribution
  • Counter branding of the box-office glass
  • Outdoors on main facades
  • Product displays on facades

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