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We are a team of dynamic individuals with a goal to create a space for smart branding with advertisements on auto rickshaws. We intend to maximise the return at a minimum cost. Be it some promotional offer , tactical advertising or some product launch, auto rickshaw branding creates the much needed engagement even when the budget is minimal. What is more with the auto rickshaws plying 24*7 on the roads, highways, lanes and by lanes , the brands visibility is truly mobile and wide-spread.

Unique Selling Point of Auto rickshaw Advertising :


  • Reaches customers on the go
  • Rickshaws carry your messages loud and clear: They are washed & cleaned everyday unlike other modes of transport.
  • High Impact & Eye Catching
  • Ad reaches streets & nook & corner of Jamshedpur
  • High Visibility in jamshedpur’s Heavy Traffic
  • Cheaper rates than hoardings, print media & other outdoor advertising media
  • Preferred from both Big & Small Advertisers
  • Auto Rickshaws which are hired for School Children are very effective for education related products or services.

Increase Your Brand Visibility by Regularly Utilized Mode of Transport

Auto advertising is gaining its prominence because of its ability to be more localised and reach every corner of the city. Unlike other forms of advertising, Auto advertising is affordable & most easily executed outdoor advertising medium.

Reach Thousands of People in Your Target Market Daily

A typical Auto-Ad vehicle ad generates between 20,000 and 50,000 impressions daily. And we guarantee that you reach your target market!

Some Statistics:

  1. Auto's ply on an average 10hrs a day.
  2. Auto rickshaw travels at least 100 kms per day.
  3. Cost per unique impression is less than any other media.

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